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Welcome to the website of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity!

Тhe Holy Trinity Church is a part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. We are located in London, Ontario. Services are conducted in Ukrainian. To learn more about the history of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.


The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, by clearly communicating Her teachings and values to us, Her faithful, as individuals and as a community, will foster an environment of love and caring that will challenge us to pursue our fundamental human calling of deification – the process by which human persons grow God-like.

Our church is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity Feast Day is celebrated on the fiftieth day after Holy Easter. On the day after, is the Feast of The Holy Spirit. According to the Gospel, on this day the fire of the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples of Jesus and they began to preach and bear witness to Jesus as the risen Christ, the King and the Lord. This moment has traditionally been called the birthday of the Church. For Ukrainians this feast day is also called Zeleni Svyata. In Orthodox tradition, the church khram is decorated with flowers and the green leaves of spring to show that God's divine breath comes to renew all creation. Green vestments are used. A Divine Hierarchical Liturgy is celebrated if His Grace, our Bishop of Eastern Canada, officiates. The events of the day include a Feast Day Dinner and a special program. On this day our parish welcomes many guests from within the city and beyond.   

Our church parish was formed in 1950 by post World War II immigrants to Canada who wished to continue their Orthodox Church traditions in freedom. Construction of a church building was started in 1960, and completed in 1964. The consecration was officiated by His Eminence, Metropolitan Ilarion of Canada and Right Rev. Archbishop Michael of Toronto. 

We include in our members and welcome all persons of the Orthodox faith. Now new immigrants and descendants of our founding members worship side by side. Services are conducted primarily in Ukrainian with some English and the responses are sung by a choir in the Kyivan tradition. At present, our services are on a part-time basis.

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